Biostatistics & KKB

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin


Profil of Departement Biostatistic/KKB

Competence of Biostatistics Department:
1. Capable to plan and control the population problems include: fertility, mortality and population mobility.
2. Capable to plan and control the problem of Reproductive Health
3. Capable to design and deliver a reliable health information system through the process of collecting, processing and analysis of data based technology.
Head of the Department:
SpasiDr. Masni, Apt, MSPH
Secretary of the Department:
Spasidr. Muhammad Ikhsan, MS., PKK
SpasiProf. Dr. dr. H. M. Tahir Abdullah, M.Sc., MSPH
SpasiHj. A. Ummu Salmah, SKM., M.Sc
SpasiDr. dr. Arifin Seweng, MPH
Spasidr. Mukhsen Sarake, MS
SpasiDr. Drs. Stang, M.Kes
SpasiRahma, SKM, MSc (PHC)
SpasiApik Indarty Moedjione, SKM., M.Si
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