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S3 Study Program in Public Health
     S3 Studies Program Doctoral Program in Public Health Sciences Faculty of Public Health, University of Hasanuddin was established to provide a positive contribution to the institution, the community and the nation, especially the contribution to the management of the nation’s resources and the improvement of competitiveness nation. As the only Doctoral Studies Program in Public Health in Eastern Indonesia who carry out obligations to take advance the objectives of educating the public in the development of public health which is the creation of a healthy society physically, mentally and socially.
Head of The Study Program
Prof. dr. H. Veni Hadju, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Vision and Mission Program S3 Public Health
1. Vision
 “Being a Science and Technology Development Center-Based Community Health Research and the Ability to Compete Globally for the benefit of the Indonesian maritime continent in the year 2025.”
2. Mission
1) Holding a doctoral degree in science and technology pengembanagan reliable and competitive in the assessment of public health problems.
2) Carrying out assessments through research faculty and students to develop concepts, methods, and strategies to help understand and solve public health problems.
3) Conducting systematic efforts through community service programs based on the research of faculty and students.
4) Organize cooperation with countries in various fields
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