Hospital Management Department

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Profile Departement of Hospital Management

Bachelor of Hospital Management is a department that focuses on the science of hospitalization. Competence Department of Hospital Management
1. Able to apply knowledge in hospital management in accordance with professional standards and the demands of society culture
2. Being able to analyze the problem of health care in general and specifically the problem Hospital.
3. Ability to communicate effectively hospital management
4. Capable of in terms of program planning and policy development for the hospital management.
5. Able to identify the differences in cultural, social and behavior in service
6. Able to plan and manage the financing.
Head of Departemen:
Dr. Syahrir A.Pasinringi, M.Si
Secretary of Departemen:
Dr. Fridawaty Rivai, SKM., MARS
Prof. Dr. dr. H. M. Alimin Maidin, MPH
Dr. dr. H. Noer Bahry Noor, M.Sc
Fridawaty Rivai, SKM., MARS
Dr. dr. Hj. A. Indahwaty Sidin, MHSM
Irwandy, SKM, M.Kes, M.Sc.PH
Rini Anggraeni, SKM., M.Kes
Nur Arifah, SKM.,MA
Adelia U. Ady Mangilep, SKM, MARS
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