Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Profile of Departement Epidemiology

Competence Department of Epidemiology:
1. Being able to conduct research there are health problems in the community
2. Skilled in diagnosing problems based public health surveillance
3. Skilled in analyzing the data of risk factors in community-based disease surveillance health problems.
4. Have the ability to develop health planning program and provide alternative solutions to health problem
5. Being able to examine the scientific articles in the field of epidemiology
Head of Departement:
Ansariadi, SKM, M.Sc.PH, Ph.D
Secretary of Departemen :
Dian Sidik Arsyad, SKM, MKM
Prof. Dr. Nur Nasry Noor, MPH
Prof. Dr. drg. Andi Zulkifli, M.Kes
Prof. Dr. drg. A. Arsunan Arsin, M.Kes
Prof. Dr. Ridwan A, SKM., M.Kes., M.Sc.PH
Dr. Ida Leida Maria, SKM., MKM., M.Sc.PH
Rismayanti, SKM., MKM
Wahiduddin, SKM., M.Kes
Jumriani Ansar, SKM., M.Kes
Indra Dwinata, SKM, MPH
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