Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Outreach activities to reduce the intensity of smoking Fathers in the House

The intensity of father smoking in the house is still quite high especially in the fishermen’s family. Cigarettes are considered as a basic requirement for fishermen either at sea or at home. Smoking behavior is done both inside and outside the home. When doing in the house, then other family members, especially wife and children, inhaling the smoke of your father so they become passive smokers. To reduce the incentitas smoking father in the house then the community service activities (Abdimas) on the family of fishermen in the Village Gunturu District Herlang Region of Bulukumba. The activities of Abdimas conducted in the form of health education through health counseling about the impact of smoking for health, assertive communication training and the distribution of stickers “Ban Smoking in the House”. Abdimas activities that lasted several days on 31 July – 5 Agsutus 2017 is very enthusiastic supporters of fishermen who are high enough to follow this abdimas activity because they have often feel disturbed by the smoking habit of the father in the house. This abdimas activity is chaired by Indra Fajarwati Ibnu, SKM, MA with BOPTN funding in 2017 through Institute of Research and Community Service of Hasanuddin University. Through the activities of Abdimas is expected to increase the understanding of the public about the effects of smoking for health that is supported by effective communication skills in the mother to express opinions that limit the smoking behavior of the father in the house, especially the family of fishermen.

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