Occupational Health And Safety

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Profil Of Departement Occupational Health And Safety

Competence Department of Occupational Health and Safety:
1. Skilled in analyzing problems working environment.


2. Skilled operate tool measuring work environment and analyze the results.
3. Skilled in planning education K3 programs.
4. Skilled develop partnerships in the world of work
5. Ability to develop themselves based on these insights maritime culture
6. Ability in the mastery of the English language
Head of Departemen:
dr. M. Furqaan Naiem, M.Sc, Ph.D
Secretary of Departemen:
Awaluddin, SKM, M.Kes
Prof. dr. Rafael Djajakusli, MOH
Dr. dr. Hj. Syamsiar S.Russeng, MS
Dr. Atjo Wahyu, SKM., M.Kes
Dr. dr. Masyita Muis, MS
Yahya Thamrin, SKM., M.Kes., MOHS, Ph.D
dr. Muh. Rum Rahim, M.Sc
Dr. Lalu Muh. Saleh, SKM., M.Kes
A. Wahyuni, SKM., M.Kes


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