Journal Of MKMI

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

    FKM UNHAS journal publishing was first performed in 1999 with the name of the journal PARADIGM. Later in 2004 changed its name to Media Journal of Public Health (MKMI) and get pISSN with numbers 0216-2482. In 2014 the journal MKMI develop the use of Online Journal Systems (OJS) and get eISSN with numbers 2358-4080. By 2015 the journal MKMI be accredited by the decision of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia No. 12/M/Kp/II/2015. As for the development Junrnal FKM UNHAS now have a reference widely accessible via a search engine browser that

Here’s a structure and personnel section MKMI Journal:
Person in charge
   Dekan FKM Unhas
Chief of Editor
   Dr. Ida Leida Maria, SKM., MKM., M.Sc.PH
Deputy Chief Editor
   Indra Dwinata, SKM, SKM, MPH
   Muh. Asdar, SKM, M.Kes
   Usman, SKM, M.Kes
   A.Selvi Yusnitasari, SKM, M.Kes
   Ashari, SKM, M.Kes
   Husni, SKM
   Intan Fatmasari, SKM
   Haslindah, SKM
   Ade Kartika Sari, SKM
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