Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Inauguration and Swearing Two New Professors FKM UNHAS

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin (FPH Unhas) now has two more major new teachers. They were inaugurated in the Rector Building second floor Unhas Senate Chamber, on May 9, 2017. He is Prof. Dr. dr. H. M Tahir Abdullah, M.Sc., MSPH and Prof. Dr. drg. Andi Zulkifli, M.Kes. who also currently serves as a dean of FKM Unhas.

When his speech Prof. Tahir took the title of the speech “Exclusive Breastfeeding Efforts to Improve the Quality Generation Nation”, professor of biostatistics departement FPH Unhas is also in his speech reminded the mother about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding at the end of his speech.

“Mother’s milk is the best food for the baby, and fortune has been prepared by Allah, since its conception, with the development of breast tissue in the child’s mother in the womb.” Says Prof Tahir

While on other occasions in this event Prof. Zul also presented his speech entitled “Strategy for Strengthening Epidemiological Surveillance as a Public Health Problem Solutions”. Prof Zul says that surveillance is the most important element in determining policy before intervening and taking other measures.

“Development of surveillance systems can improve the quality of data and information so as to develop policies for the prevention and control of health problems early. Of course, better surveillance data can help public health planners set priorities more rational “says Prof Zul.

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