Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

Profile Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

A. Introduction
     Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences (hereinafter abbreviated to PK-IP) is one of the departments in FKM Unhas environment and supporting resources lecturer in management studies program, either Program S1 / S2 / S3 and S1 Public Health Sciences Nutritional Sciences. Department of PK-IP is supported by 11 lecturers (6 doctorate; 2 of them professors, and 5 masters) and 2 educators. Department of PK-IP period 2015 – 2018 was led by Dr. Syria, SKM, M. Kes. (Chairman) and Indra Fajarwati, SKM, MA (Secretary).
1. Vision
“Being the Best in Indonesia in the Development and Assessment of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences 2020”
2. Mission
a) Developing a reliable public health sciences and kompetetif through research, assessment and implementation of health promotion and behavioral sciences to improve public health.
b) Organizing community service by using the approach of education and health promotion
c) Developing human resources in the field of education and health promotion through education and training
B. Specialisation Competency
1. Be able to identify and formulate precisely the problem behaviors risky to health
2. Being able to conduct research and training of health promotion
3. Be able to implement the basic strategy of health promotion to address health issues
4. Skilled designing print media for promotion and prevention of health problems
5. Skilled implement health promotion programs in hospitals, workplaces and institutions
C. Curriculum Department PKIP
PK-IP department support a number of subjects, both MK Mandatory Faculty, Payer Program and Specialisation.
No Code Subject SKS Semester
1. 105K1712 Logic 2 2
2. 106K1712 Anthropology and Sociology of Health 2 2
3. 136K1022 Basic Health Promotion 2 2
4. 144K1722 Health communication 2 2
5. 211K1712 Organizing and Community Development 2 2
6. 244K1722 Advocacy and Negotiation Health 2 2
7. 306K1712 Culture and Social Dimensions of Health Behavior 2 2
8. 307K1713 Social Media in Health Promotion 2 2
9. 308K1712 Social marketing 2 2
10. 309K1712 Creative writing 2 2
11. 310K1712 Health counseling 2 2
12. 340K1723 Health Promotion Hospital 2 2
13. 341K1723 Health Promotion in the Workplace and Institutional 2 2
14. 342K1723 Health Media Design 2 2
15. 343K1723 Interpersonal Communication and Counseling Practice Health 2 2
16. 344K1722 The principles of Behavioral Research 2 2
17. 345K1722 Group dynamics 2 2
18. 346K1722 Strategic Issues Health Promotion Latest 2 2
19. 401K1714 Internship Health Promotion 4 4
D. Selection Requirements Specialisation
     Determination of specialization for students of S1 of Public Health conducted in a leadership meeting FKM UNHAS and the leadership of the Ministry. Specialisation is offered during the fourth semester students with the requisite quota of a maximum of 20% of the total number of students, a minimum GPA of 3.3 and passing MK Basic Health Promotion and Health Psychology with a minimum grade of B +.
E. Facilities
     Department of PK-IP has a secretariat on the 3rd floor FKM UNHAS. In it there is a lecturer and conference rooms with full facilities. PK-IP departments manage community radio at a frequency of 90.5 MHz with name and room Healthy Radio Studio Mini under the management of Laboratory AVA (Audio Visual Aids).
F. Professional Organization
     Health Promotion enthusiasts can join the Association of Promoters and Community Health Educator Indonesia (PPPKMI) and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). PPPKMI cooperation with the Centre for Health Promotion Ministry of Health held a conference every three years.
G. Job Prospects Graduates
     Job opportunities SKM Specialisation PK-IP is still wide open. In the neighborhood known functional Health Service (Jabfung) health educator. Health promotion personnel needed at every health department in the district / city level, at the provincial level and at the national level in the Ministry of Health to support the organization and activities of health promotion. Health promotion personnel are also needed in every hospital either RS government and private hospitals, Training Centres, industry, NGOs and educational and research institutions.
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