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vision and mission

Faculty of Public Health

* Vision

To become a superior Public Health Undergraduate Study Program with international standards based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent in 2024IA

* Mission
  • 1. Organizing quality undergraduate public health education to produce intellectuals who are independent, ethical and globally competitive
  • 2. Produce undergraduate level research and community service as well as downstream superior research that is beneficial to society
  • 3. Organizing modern, digital-based study program governance
* Learning Outcomes (CPL)
  • 1. Contribute to improving the level of public health independently, disciplinedly and responsibly based on Pancasila
  • 2. Internalize academic values, norms and ethics in carrying out their professional duties
  • 3. Able to explain the basic concepts of public health science in improving public health status
  • 4. Able to solve public health problems according to the characteristics of the Indonesian Maritime Continent
  • 5. Able to apply logical, critical, systematic and innovative thinking in the context of public health development
  • 6. Able to apply the principles of epidemiology and biostatistics in analyzing situations in the public health sector
  • 7. Able to apply planning and policies in preparing public health programs
  • 8. Able to demonstrate effective communication in service and dissemination of public health information
  • 9. Able to identify socio-cultural determinants in public health
  • 10. Able to practice empowerment methods in improving the level of public health
  • 11. Able to apply financing concepts in planning public health programs
  • 12. Able to apply leadership and systems thinking in working collaboratively