Public Health Program (Master)

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

  • S2 Study Program in Public Health Scienceshead of the study program

    Dr. Ridwan M. Taha


    “Realization Master in Public Health Education Excellence in Southeast Asia, and International Networking-Based Maritime Continent of Indonesia Year 2020”

    Purpose of Education

    Generate master who master the theory and the concept of public health science is broad and deep, so it is able to assess and understand health issues comprehensively,
    Generate master who is able to apply the health sciences to participate solve the problem and recommend a solution of health,
    Produce a master who is able to develop methods and strategies in health programs,
    Generate master who has the ability to strengthen the management and good organizational governance characterized by professionalism, and
    Generate master who has the ability to build networks at national and international levels with the ability of systems thinking.

    1. Main Competencies

    8 key competencies arranged in the formulation of competence, namely;

    The ability to collect, assess, analyze, and apply information and make decisions based on evidence.
    Being able to effectively make the selection, planning, and skillfully implement and evaluate, including the management of Extraordinary Events (KLB) such outbreaks and emergencies.
    Skilled in communication with the public.
    The ability to understand the local culture.
    The ability to undertake community empowerment.
    Understanding the basics of public health sciences.
    The ability to plan and manage resources.
    Ability to lead and systems thinking.

    2. Competence Support

    Supporting competencies of graduates are classified based on the concentration of each, namely:

  • Concentration of Environmental Health 

    Having the ability to identify and analyze environmental changes on health.
    Being able to plan and manage programs mitigating the environmental impact on health.
    Able to lead and work with a different social environment among groups in society and culture.

    Health Policy and Administration Concentration 

    Ability to apply and analyze the policy of the health program at the health care organization.
    Ability to apply the ability of advocacy, negotiation and leadership in influencing political decisions in accordance with the ethics of health in public health.
    Able to perform and skilled in the management of health administration and management of human resource development in the health care institution.
    Able to analyze and conduct planning and evaluation of health programs.
    Ability to design, develop and deliver health financing systems and program management.
    Able to develop and apply methods of research in the field of health policy.
    Ability to apply and design a health management information system.
    Able to keep the enactment of laws and regulations that protect the public.

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