Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

The head of the South Sulawesi provincial health office visited the Hasanuddin University Public Health faculty to discuss the preparation of the regional medium-term plan

As an effort to strengthen the South Sulawesi RPJMD in the field of public health (UKM), the head of the South Sulawesi provincial health service, Dr.dr. Bachtiar Baso, M.Kes. make a visit and hope to cooperate with the Public Health Faculty of Hasanuddin University

His arrival was also accompanied by the Head of public health and the secretary of the health department to conduct a road show to the faculty of health which began at the public health faculty of Hasanuddin University, Monday (01/10/2018).

The Health Office delegation was received directly by the Dean of the Public Health Faculty of Hasanuddin University, Dr. Aminuddin Syam, SKM. M.Kes., M.M.ed.Ed. who was accompanied by the head of the study program of the FKM Univeristy IKM S3, Prof. Dr. Ridwan Amiruddin, SKM, M. Kes., MSc.PH.

During the visit the dean said that the Faculty of Public Health was ready to assist the assistance of the health department in the preparation of the implementation of public health programs.

“The mentoring model is based on health problems in each region in all districts / cities”. Dean said

Several points of understanding were formulated and will soon be implemented as quickly as possible including workshops on the formulation of SME indicators for the achievement of South Sulawesi HDI, acceleration of quality improvement of human health resources and assistance in accelerating control of public health problems (outbreaks, stunting, etc.). He explained

Meanwhile the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni of the Faculty of Hasanuddin University who handles the field of cooperation when contacted separately said that in the future the role of public health and public health institutions is very important to prevent people from falling ill.

The formation of the health council in South Sulawesi is a solution to seeing comprehensive health problems, he said.

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