Quality Assurance Unit

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

     FKM Unhas Quality Assurance Organization founded in 2010 and was named Unit Penjaminan Mutu, Perencanaan, Pengembangan, dan Kerjasama (UP3K). Based SK Dean, UP3K chaired by Prof. Dr. Ridwan Amiruddin. S.KM, Kes, M.ScPH. In 2014 occurred the organizational restructuring of UP3K be a Unit Penjaminan Mutu (UPM)  and chaired by Aminuddin Sham, S.KM, Kes, M.Med.Ed. Since 2016, according to OTK UNHAS with PTN status PTN-BH then changed its name to Gugus Penjaminan Mutu (GPM). At present the GPM is chaired by Dr. Hasanuddin Ishak, M.Sc., PhD.

Main Duties and Functions (Auth) Gugus Penjaminan Mutu:

  1. Planning and implementing the quality assurance system as a whole.
  2. Creating the tools needed in order to implement the quality assurance system
  3. Monitor the implementation of quality assurance systems
  4. Inspection and validation of the contents of documents for external purposes (layoff proposal, Form, academic rank file, opening proposal Prodi)
  5. To evaluate the implementation of quality assurance systems
  6. Perform data analysis as the basis for decision-makers
  7. Planning and implementation of quality assurance system training
  8. Periodically report on the implementation of a quality assurance system to the leadership.

Some guidelines and standards can be seen in the table below:

No. Document Name/No. SK Dean Content
1. Academic Policy / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.03, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) FKM UNHAS policy in the field of education, research, service to the community and the principles of implementation.
2. Academic Standards / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.04, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) Academic Standard FKM UNHAS is a translation of the Academic Policy FKM UNHAS in the field of education, research, service to the community, and the principle of implementation.
3. Charter of AMI / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.05, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) Position, function and role, powers and responsibilities of team and team leader AMAI FKM UNHAS.
4. Code of Auditor Ethics/ GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.06, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) The principle of the code of conduct internal quality audits and behaviors that must be demonstrated by academic auditor.
5. Academic Quality Manual / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.07, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) Organization of quality assurance at the level of FKM Unhas and level of study program and documents quality.
6. Procedures Manual of AMAI / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.08, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) AMAI implementation procedures by an auditor Program FKM UNHAS
7. Standar AMAI / GPM.FKM-Unhas.KA.09, on 21 November 2016 (Revision 1) Standard Feature, Performance Standards, and Implementation Standards of internal quality audits.
8. Faculty Handbook for Quality Goals The quality objectives were drafted by the standards of accreditation forms.
9. The Strategic Plan The strategic plan 2016-2020, the which is based on the vision and mission.
10. Quality Procedures Handbook for Academic Affairs SOP contains 20 academic fields.
11. Quality Procedures Handbook for Field Personnel Contains 25 SOP field of personnel.

Internal evaluation conducted in the framework of quality assurance in the form of Internal Quality Audit (AMI). Starting in 2016, AMI instruments filled out online via the link elpmi.unhas.ac.id. AMI results be used to improve or maintain the quality of the institution. The following are some satisfaction survey conducted GPM FKM UNHAS which can be seen in the table below:

No Survey Name Link English
1. A survey to determine the understanding of the vision and mission of the Faculty and Program http://bit.ly/Survei-Visi-Misi Click Here
2. Student Satisfaction Survey every year which includes the satisfaction of academic, administrative, facilities and infrastructure, as well as student affairs http://bit.ly/Survei-Kepuasan-Mahasiswa Click Here
3. Satisfaction Survey lecturers and Workforce each year, including job satisfaction, organizational understanding, management systems, internal conditions, guidance and supervision, as well as awards and rewards http://bit.ly/Survei-Kepuasan-Dosen-Tendik Click Here
4. Student Satisfaction Survey of the faculty academic supervisor http://bit.ly/Survei-Kepuasan-PA Click Here
5. Satisfaction Survey for Alumni who will graduate, which includes the satisfaction of academics, facilities, services, self assessment, and satisfaction with the guiding thesis http://bit.ly/Survei-Kepuasan-Alumni Click Here
6. Survey Alumni who graduated the previous year, which includes employment history, further studies, etc. http://bit.ly/Survei-Alumni Click Here
7. User Satisfaction Survey Alumni of the graduates who worked under the coordination of the respondents, which includes 13 parameters http://bit.ly/Survei-Pengguna-Alumni Click Here
8. Cooperation Partner Satisfaction Survey, which includes 6 parameters http://bit.ly/Survei-Mitra-Kerjasama Click Here
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