Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin

History Of Public Health Faculty
     Faculty of Public Health (FKM) is one of 14 faculty at Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS). FKM UNHAS develop the implementation of education in the field of public health and nutrition, research and community service.
     Since FKM UNHAS was established on November 5, 1982, It was had three (3) Program and all of them accredited by BAN-PT. namely S1 Studies Health Sciences consists of 7 Sections and 1 Concentration, S1 Nutrition, and S2 Public Health consists of seven concentrations. Since February 2013, FKM UNHAS has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality Management System implementation.
     FKM UNHAS was supported by 82 educators (full-time lecturers) with 35 tiered educational qualifications S3 (14 people with the hierarchy Professor). The rest with qualification S2, where 19 of them were following the education level S3. FKM UNHAS also supported by administrative staff by 44 people, consisting of civil servants as many as 28 people and contract staff of 16 people.
     Currently, FKM UNHAS has produced graduates as many as 5271 people (4948 Bachelor of Public Health and Nutrition Graduate 323), and 1965 Masters corresponding register graduation period March 2013. Alumni FKM UNHAS scattered throughout Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia (KTI).
     In 1973, some health practitioners began to feel the urgent need for health workers community, which then responded by leaders of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hasanuddin to the road exploring the possibility of developing a Department of Public Health Sciences and Preventive Medicine (IKM-IKP Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University) to be able to manage and educate personnel in the field of public health.
     Eight years later, on January 16, 1981, issue of Hasanuddin University Rector’s Decree No.19 / D.09.01 / 81 on the establishment of the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment FKM UNHAS (P3FKM). Members of this committee consists of the elements of the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin and the Department of Health Office of South Sulawesi Province. The task of this committee was to prepare the establishment of FKM UNHAS for Public Health Program S1 is prioritized to the Bachelor of Health in Eastern Indonesia. FKM proposed to be formed consisting of three departments, namely the Department of Public Health Administration / Population, Statistics / Epidemiology, Environmental Health / Health Education. However, this proposal was later changed by the proposed establishment of five (5) the same department with FKM, which has stood first in some state universities.
     On March 8, 1982, a meeting was held between P3FKM with a team from the University of Indonesia, CMS, and FKM Airlangga University. The result of the meeting was that FKM UNHAS will be opened in the academic year 1982/1983, the study programs of public health.
     On August 18, 1982, the inaugural lecture students FKM UNHAS cooperation class first batch as many as 21 people. This class is the realization of class collaboration with the Ministry of Health to meet the requirements for the establishment of the Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University, with a single study program which is a program of public health studies.
     On November 5, 1982 with the founding Decree No. 0154 / O / 1982, FKM UNHAS establishment inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture, represented by the Directorate General of Higher Education (Prof. Dr. Dodi Tisna Amidjaja), and was also attended by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
     One year later (1983) came out Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0568/1983 on the establishment permit public health study programs with the five majors; namely the Department of Health Policy Administration / Public Health Nutrition, Biostatistics / Population and Family Planning, Epidemiology, Environmental Health / Occupational Health and Health Education and Behavioral Sciences.
     In 1996, at the urging of the needs and demands of society, the FKM in addition to implementing education for working class and regular class, also opened extension class and accept new students for the class type of cooperation as well as regular classes. In 2005, the decision of the University Senate Hasanuddin, nomenclature Class Extensions converted into Class Regular afternoon.
     In 1999, of the five majors developed into seven parts, namely Part Administration Health Policy, Section of Biostatistics / Population Family Planning, Section of Epidemiology, Section Public Health Nutrition, Section Occupational Health & Safety, Section Environmental Health and Education Section of Health and Behavioural Sciences , Along with it, rising Decree No. 115 / DIKTI / Kep / 1999 on the establishment of the Master of Public Health, dated March 5, 1999, signed by Bambang Suhendro as Director General of Higher Education.
     In 2005, at the urging of the nutritional needs of labor demand with a clinical nutrition competence, then inaugurated the Nutritional Science Study Program based Higher Education Decree No. 3127 / D / T / 2005.
     In 2006, at the suggestion of the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health about the opening of specialization in Hospital Administration, the Rector of the Hasanuddin University through Decree No. 1595 / J.04 / O / 2007 endorsed the establishment of Hospital Administration Concentration Hasanuddin University, which is in the implementation of academic activities and the learning process under the coordination Section AKK. This policy was based on the decision of the Senate of the Faculty of Public Health.
     In 2009, at the suggestion of the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, the Rector of the Hasanuddin University through Decree No. 1880 / H4 / O / 2009 endorsed the Hasanuddin University Hospital Administration into Section. Furthermore, Rector of the Hasanuddin University through Decree No. 610 / H4 / P / 2009 endorsed the establishment of Reproductive and Family Health Specialisation University of Hasanuddin, which in the implementation of academic activities and the learning process under the coordination Section of Biostatistics and KKB. This policy was based on the decision of the Senate of the Faculty of Public Health.
     In 2011, upon proposal of the Director of Graduate University of Hasanuddin No. 7894 / H4.19 / PP.37 / 2010 dated December 29, 2010, the Rector of the Hasanuddin University through Decree No. 66 / H4 / O / 2011, dated January 6, 2011 authorize the opening of Concentration of Public Health Sciences Strata Three (S-3) Study Program in Medical Science Graduate Program, University of Hasanuddin and is currently waiting to register online Higher Education to the opening of the Science Program Public Health Strata Three ( S-3).
     Leadership (Dean) FKM has changed as much as eight times, with the leadership of the dean of the period as follows: Prof. dr. H. Siradjuddin BM, SKM (1982 – 1989), Prof. Dr. H. Nur nasry Noor, MPH (1989 – 1996), Prof. Dr. dr. H. M. Rusli Ngatimin, MPH (1996 – 1999), Dr. dr. H. M. Tahir Abdullah, M.Sc., MSPH (1999 – 2002), Prof. Dr. dr. H. Najib Bustan, MPH (2002 – 2004), Prof. Dr. dr. H. A. Razak Taha, M.Sc. (2004 – 2006), Prof. dr. H. Veni Hadju, M.Sc. Ph.D (2006 – 2010), Prof. Dr. dr. H. M. Alimin Maidin, MPH (2010 – 2014), Prof. Dr. drg. Andi Zulkifli, Kes (2014-2018), and Dr. Aminuddin Syam, SKM., M.Kes., M.Med.Ed (2018 until now)
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